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        1. I.D.:
          Desheng Chen
          Changzhou Benjiu Chemical Co.,Ltd. was originally founded as Changzhou Huakai Chemical Plant in 1992. Located in Benniu town, Changzhou city of Jiangsu province, close to Jinghang Canal in the north, 5km away form Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and 6km away from 312 national highway in the south, our company enjoys a convenient transportation and a favorable geographic position.

          Our company is an integrative manufacturer mainly engaged in producing chlorine hydride alcohol solution, as well as fine chemicals. With years' hard work, our company has become an enterprise encompassing production, sales and research. Our company has 10,000 square meters' production base in Benniu town, Changzhou city of Jiangsu province and 2,000 square meters' semiworks plant.

          Upholding the management philosophy of "person-oriented, innovative, practical", our company has been actively developing new technologies and products with high technical content and additional value, keeping itself in an excellent development trend.

          Aiming to satisfy clients' requirements, our company wins reputation with its quality products, reasonable price and satisfying service.

          Clients at home and abroad are sincerely welcome to visit us to give instructions or negotiate business with us. Benjiu Chemical would like to develop an enterprise that will go international with you.

          Company's tenet: mutual benefits, mutual progress.

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